torsdag 27 september 2007

Några kloka ord att fundera på

En klok Malmöpåg sa det på svenska, men detta refererar till originalet!
everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die... peter tosh

Funny isn't it, but true. Every body wants to go to a better place, to head towards the light, drift on to the pearly gates... but still with the fact that they walk the immortality walk and talk the immortality talk. The look of power... the deceitful sound of laughter shielding the fearful truth, the fear to be labeled as weak! The invincible look and laughter is thrown out of their face everyday as a sign of territory marking, cross my line and die!

True the wise apache saying " the most confused animal walking the earth would be the one who walks on two legs! Even monkeys and baboons make fun of us time to time again, clowning around imitating us on two legs.

Reason being is I guess is the very fact that man(woman) is still so insecure. Thousand of years has passed and evolution is near to its full cycle, the ice age, iron age, bloody age, rock and roll?

The millennium ... futuristic... transformers?... and all that starman thingy, but there is a very simple fact or reason, the very basic necessity, foundation of life is the reason for all things is ....? the main thought or main reason for us to do things, to continue surviving, to live, to evolve, to be... to die, to give up... to offer up...

to get up, to go to work, to tolerate, to continue, to laugh, to think to breathe...

to live and then to die... THE KEY WORD .... fear of death itself?

and the reason to do all this is love? what love? why love?

maybe there is no word before love, we don't think to love, we love.. I think I love you? (never works!)

love is not a motion or action we can plan or set aside time to make it happen, to work out the order of it... ha ha ha, no such thing ... only on TV commercials we can achieve such things. sorry even money cant buy love, there are special classes for such training... intense suffering classes!

and that is what scares the shit out of the two legged race I guess. the instability and the power it holds without structure, without control... the immorality of it, the simplicity of it...

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