torsdag 27 september 2007

Comment for dummies

Pallar inte översätta detta, men det stämmer så jävla bra in på exempelvis Resumés Kampanjer på G sida!

Anyone can do it.

With 3 easy steps, even you can master it.

Step 1
Insult an ad with any of these snide remarks:
A) It's been done before
B) It's crap.
C) It's a scam.
D) Student work.
E) A half blind, crippled orang utan with dylexia could have come up with a better idea.

Step 2
Insult any person on the thread with:
A) You don't need talent to copy from a 1976 D&AD award annual.
B) You're full of crap.
C) It's a scam, you moron.
D) Let me guess... you're a student.
E) You're obviously a half blind, crippled orang utan with dylexia.

Step 3
When Step 1 and Step 2 doesn't give you one-upmanship on your opponent, switch to blatant verbal abuse.
A) You f***wit.
B) You f***wit bull shitter.
C) You f***wit scammer.
D) You f***wit scammer student.
E) You f***wit half blind, crippled orang utan with dylexia.

There you have it.
3 simple steps to sound like an idiot on any creative forum.

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